“The sky is your limit?” Oh no! Fix your eyes beyond the sky and you will see a magnificent horizon waiting for you to explore. Let your eyes travel farther than your nose; far beyond the sky. Stand on the sky and wave at the bossom of the earth that […]

Some Ghanaian Celebrities Fall For Fake Awards.

Belinda Bansah

One Dr. Kwame Owusu Fodjour who was reportedly arrested in 2010 for attempting to swindle rural and community banks under the disguise of awarding them “Millennium Achievers’ Gold Award” has presented fake awards to some Ghanaian celebrities. The fake awards: “UN Kofi Annan Global Excellence in Leadership Award” was held […]

Unsung Heroes…


I had an interesting Saturday from the start of the day till the end. Just before the day ended, I had an invitation to witness a performance by a Dance Band. After all, it’s been a while since I sat with friends over some bottles and well grilled guinea fowl. […]


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