Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Bubbles of pain packaged in the hands of the very people who shouted Hosana…Hosana.. Hosana

The very people whose agony he personified. The very people whose transgressions were upon his shoulder.

The reproach was for his accusers yet he carried all of it with pride. He was slapped with agony yet he was without blemish.

The cup of suffering could have passed him but he grabbed it with love.

He is the living water yet he was served with vinegar

The irony of his circumstance was just because of his assignment.

Hours later…

Hope was restored

The difference was clear

His words came to pass

His accusers marvelled

Where were the watchmen?

Everything made meaning

His utterances became useful

The accursed cross became an emblem of hope.

Love ruled

Jesus to our rescue

He defeated death

The snare of the tomb is broken.

It is finished.

Mission accomplished to the latter.

He’s Risen

He’s Risen


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