Before I draw the partial curtains down…

Before I draw the partial curtains down…

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;” William Shakespeare

The Scenes of each Act are played out according to factors unfathomable.

The characters are ready to play their roles yet the scripts are twisted.

If you see me on the dance floor, don’t assume my dance moves will break my heel for you know not the music I am dancing to.

And oh you have watched me play on the stage without an applause and without your mental picture. All you saw was a damsel on the stage of life.

When next you see me, don’t expect my shadow to be dark. My dust shall elude you and my name shall no longer roll on your lips which utter baseless judgement.

When next you see me, know that you have taught me to dance in my world and make the stage my home of hilarious Acts.

In my absence; My Senior man and boss, Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr chant a Psalm during your fruitful meditation with all my names in your heart and mind.

Let my reincarnation be full of lessons I picked from the players, the scripts and the director general.

Take this partial wave of goodbye and while I put off the light, get ready for my shout when the moon and the sun bless me with the light of perfection in the bossom of excellence.


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