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People have been brought up differently and it doesn’t make them any less.

Some were brought up on the street, some by single parents, some by orphanages and other social institutions while others were brought up by society’s best; by stable homes with both parents.

More often than not we are made to believe by empirical evidence that out of stable homes come stable and socially accepted human beings. Thank you for that observation and analysis. Unfortunately, I cannot dispute it much but come to think of it – don’t we have exceptions?

Must society make children born out of wedlock and other unfavourable situations feel limited and socially bankrupt?

You can have all the debates you want to engage in for all I care. All I believe is that these children have their strengths and can be equally morally upright, physically strong, emotionally fit and psychologically independent.

They may be victims of a circumstance but could become victors in life.

Should societal structures be put in place, every child born out of wedlock, living with a single parent or finds solace on the street would have many homes to be nurtured in. If the society cannot harness this agenda, then may we remain silent.

If you cannot encourage these people, don’t break them any further. Enough of the hypocrisy, judgement, prejudice and clichès.

A resilient and a determined spirit is what we should inculcate in the ‘less privilege’.

Yes, I agree that a good number of these victims could be charged with a lot of vices but are there not people from stable homes with questionable characters?

For the fact that these victims are bereft of love and care does not take away their conscience and sense of responsibility. In any case, not only have their parents failed them but society has also disappointed them.

Let’s discard this thought of relegating these victims to the background with utmost celerity before we end up breeding social misfits all in the name of human analysis.

This is not to encourage irresponsibility on the part of child bearers or to encourage the proliferation of broken homes but to encourage single parents and children who do not have stable homes.

Success is open to anyone who pursues it and living an impressive life is inexorable in the heart of anyone who really wants to.

Let’s weigh options, look at things from different perspectives and have a positive outlook and stop this far fetched thoughts from eating deep into our mental frameworks.

We all have a role to play.


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