Belinda Bansah

Cast your mind back to the moments you had emotions rioting through you and you were torn between speaking and keeping mute. I mean the slaps or lashes you might have received as a result of answering mother when she screamed those questions at you The moments father shouted at you for keeping mute when he expected an answer which even if you gave, was regarded as disrespect. Then, you find yourself in a dilemma.

Sometimes, the Ghanaian child becomes voiceless and his mind stuffed down his throat because of the dictates of the society. “When the elderly talks, you do not talk back”. The elderly cannot be rebuked before the child”. “The child is never right before the elderly and that the elderly is always right”. Let’s say it’s a way to maintain respect for the elderly in our culture. For instance, young ones are forced to persue certain courses in school which they totally have no interest in. It goes a long way to affect the success and fulfillment of young people.
In as much as society operates this way to maintain some respect for the elderly, the ramifications are worth considering. When a pot is full and yet you keep filling its content, it overflows. This is what happens and some young ones become deviant in search of freedom from being “suppressed”. Even though the bible admonishes children to obey their parents in all things, for is well pleasing to the Lord, it tells fathers as well, not provoke their children.
These dictates of society silently make many other children to become timid and grow with such experience their whole life. Young ones must be reasoned with. This must not only apply in the home. Even between superiors and subjects.
In my opinion, parents especially should create some flexibility in this societal rules. It is the wish of every parent to put their child on the right path but must be done with the feelings of the child in mind. It is culture being handed down. But as young adults we can decide to make changes to suit the time as we also grow to make homes.

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