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Sista Afia, the popular Ghanaian singer in an exclusive interview with TV3 on the New Day Morning show revealed that she cannot be played with because she can switch form one genre of music to another. She is from the street, she has hustled and understands life. It is the music carrier that has made her name big and for her, she is just the normal person she used to be and is still trying to adapt to the whole “Sista Afia Vibe”.
Been asked of what category of music to place her in since she seem to do all kinds of music, Sista Afia said hilife is always going to be her trademark because that’s where she came from and that’s what she is very good at doing but she also said, “I want people to have this at the back of their minds that Sista Afia is not just a hilife artist and she cannot be played with.”
Touching on her beef with Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz, she says she really felt betrayed because they are her girls. Meanwhile, Freda and Sista Afia has realeased “Saucy”, a new track. Been probed on that, she mentioned that females are just emotional but when it comes to business, it must be done. She said the three of them are actually cool now and stated that Eno is just a private person and that’s why they are not mostly seen together. But if Eno creates the opportunity, she will get to know her better.
Speaking on her next surprise for us, she said she will be doing reggae and maybe feature Samini, for reggae is her first love. She also mentioned that she has a new song with Sarkodie coming up soon. This song was recorded two years ago but since they were working on it, she didn’t want to make waste of the song by announcing it. Sista Afia concludes that we should enjoy ourselves with her new track “Party” featuring Fameye and forget about Corona Virus.

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