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The superhero of the popularly known “Black Panther” film passes on at age 43 after dealing with colon cancer for four good years. Chadwick Aaron Boseman who is an American actor and producer has accomplished much in the movie industry while he lived. But as almost everyone is wishing him “RIP” while he is gone, did he receive any get well message from us as he battled with that cancer?
He entertained some of us, he was an inspiration to some, he was the favorite of some and he was a role model to some, even in the times of his sickness. But he never even knew that he did or meant that much to some people.
We barely realize the use of our lives, our service or even our kind words to each other. We barely realize the strength we can offer to each other. Chadwick is gone, his pictures go viral. Why haven’t we shared his pictures while he lived? What made us not to cheer him on when he lived? By the way, of what use is it now if we seem all nice and caring when he is gone and gone forever.
Come to think of how beautiful and comforting the world would have been if we can just take time to eulogize others for the good they are doing and urge them on. This attitude we hold must be dropped. May we take another lesson from this legend’s death.

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