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“The true value of a country is not determined by what it builds with rich underground resources but by what it builds with hard work and intelligence without having such underground resources” – Mehmet Murat Ildan.

“It is really sad for a country that has been mining gold since the 15th century with the Portuguese and we do not have any international listing company either in gold or even cocoa” , the finance Minister Ken ofori Atta quizzed. The Agyapa Mineral Limited is 100% owned by the Minerals Income Fund (MIF) Act, 2018 (Act,978), which is absolutely owned by the government and there are no hidden beneficiaries, he mentioned.
Yet, the convenor for the 15 Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Dr.Steva Manteaw is challenging the government to come out and disclose those who are behind this company. This he bemoaned that “If it is politically exposed persons, then it amounts to elite capture”
It is time that as Ghanaians, we ask ourselves some hard questions. Are we ready to burry our political differences and fight for a national interest? When will the policies of tokenism and severing the parochial interest of politicians cease to be the order in our dear beloved country? Or have we substituted the value of high moral standards for the term ” best practices”? When will state owned assets cease to be autsioned all in the name of maximizing value and to coop profits? Or the black man is not capable to manage its own fairs? I hope the Power Distribution Service (PDS)saga and how it sadly ended is still fresh in our memories?
It is sad to hear Ghanaians clamoring for policies simply because they are championed by their favorite political parties though the policies may benefit a few. In the case of Agyapa Royalties deal, why is the minority crying foul and even threatened to abrogates the deal ? Is it the case that the MPs palms may not have been greased as in the case of the sale Ghana Telecommunication? Or their friends or children were disallowed to be part of the mineral concession contrary to the case of Kofi Marfo? What will have been the narrative if the minority were in power and the majority in opposition? Why the sudden U-turn by the Attorney General after describing the deal as onerous, unconscionable and a violation of Ghana Act? Enough of the disservice to the public of Ghana.
It is high time we stopped the political gimmicks and accord the highest decorum to issues and policies of the national interest.

Enoch Kumordzi

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