Belinda Bansah

“Lord save us all from old age and broken health and a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.”
Mark Twain

I was once a child, young and energetic like you
During my childhood days, you may have
Cherished and marvelled at my intelligence
Not to bore you with my troublesome behavior,
I was once a student like you, I have been the
Office Girl and even the Girl’s Prefect or the most
Beautiful girl on campus.

In the market, I was the trader, trading the special
Merchandize of your choice
Your voice “Please madam, give me more of the okra”,
“Oh! This fish is too small for such a price” still echoes…
Do you know that fine reputable Doctor, Teacher
Or Fashion Designer is my offspring?
What about that favorite Lawyer you always seek
Legal assistance from?
Pause! I have either blessed you with that good wife,
Or husband
What a loving and caring family you have today!
All because l bare forth that mastered seed

I may have a withered and wrinkled skin today
But you will certainly become like me
Holding my walking stick, I pause and wonder;
If old age they say, is really a blessing?
Tell me why I live in the neglected, dejected
And an outcast community?
Or is old age a curse?
Is it because of my gender?
Oh Lord! When will gender disparity be over?
Why why why ?
You have beaten me without mercy and sent me
To my grave a time earlier than i should but,

This is a wake up call to my fellow Ghanaians. We must condemn and demand justice for the recent barbaric acts of violence metted out to the women in the Savanah Region for being old women and subsequently labelled us witches.
A clarion call to the Gender Ministry and the NCCE to roll out an educational campaign to mitigate and find everlasting measures to the problem.



Enoch Kumordzi

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