Belinda Bansah

From bed, I kept contemplating whether to go for the prayer meeting that morning or not. I figured it will happen on the mountain and since it drizzled, the thought of walking through the wet weeds made it worse. Then, I began to defend my absence with not been informed beforehand since the announcement came the previous night. Then suddenly, the thought came, “It is not worth doing if it’s not from within.”
I thought of the approval I will earn from my pastor once more if I showed up for the meeting. But then, why will I present myself knowing I am not genuinely going to pray my heart out. “For they love approval of men than the approval of God.” John 14:23. Of what use is it if you gain approval from men rather than from God? If that is the case, then we must not even attempt anything if it is to please men. Even if you think you are pleasing a man, for all you know, it is not been recognized.
So many times, it happened that we did an activity out of compulsion, and that I bet did not feel good at all. How about that which you did with all your will and heart, the peace and joy that came with it? The Scriptures admonish us not to act to please men. Ephesians 6:6 says: Not by way of eye service, as men pleasers, but as slaves of Christ doing the will of God from the heart.
That help you want to offer, is it because you genuinely see the need for it or it is to please someone? Think it out. Because, it is not worth doing when it is not from within.

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