How Deep is Your Love?

Belinda Bansah

Ever sat down to think about what it will take for one to make huge sacrifices for others even though they might not deserve it? How about when your mum left that food for you while she was hungry too? How about God handing down His only son to die for us when we were not worth it?

We demonstrate love to others through different means. One is giving. Giving out of love is simply making sacrifices. Putting others’ needs before yours. Giving out of love is that you don’t give a second thought after you have given. It is that which when you do, you feel some kind of pain in doing. That is, not giving out of convenience.

Demonstrating love through giving is not when you do not need an item anymore. How about giving out brand new clothes to the needy too? Not always the used ones. It is difficult for us to do such because we measure love according to the world but the God given kind of love does not operate in that way.

Put others’ needs before yours. Make it an effort to make others comfortable first. It is not how big your gift is. Rather, the sincerity and love that goes with it. That is how we can reap the blessings of our gifts. Art Jonak says “When you give, give out of love, not out of motive”.

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