Belinda Bansah

We have made our society a hub of choices and it doesn’t really matter which one of them one goes for. So far as one is comfortable and “happy” living with it, it is acceptable. But must that be the standard?
It is pathetic how premarital sex has soon become accepted. The problem must be that we haven’t weighed the value of waiting till marriage. We are in so much in haste such that the present pleasure means more to us than the benefit it will serve us later in our marriages. The present advancements of the world have made it look impossible and valueless but the standards of God have not changed.
It is heartbreaking how the taking of human life has soon become a choice even though some circumstances in life might call for that. But deliberately, we now have the right to decide whether to keep a pregnancy or not. We decide whether to nurse a fetus or not. But however, you do not expect to be visiting an anthill and not expect a bite from a termite. Once again, the standards of God have not changed.
It’s interesting how married men see not a problem with having “side chicks” as we call it. And we young ladies do not have reverence for peoples’ marriages anymore. We jump into marriages and destroy people’s beautiful homes. So far as we get what we want, it is absolutely fine. Side chicks have successfully broken homes and it is just fine by us.
How about respect for the elderly? Have we lost it? Now, young people do not stand for oldies to sit. We bypass the elderly without greeting. We don’t help when they need it because we have surrounded ourselves with myths about oldies.
Where are our values? We are gradually losing them. Losing them to technological advancements. Losing them to selfishness and pure greed. Let us sit back and take a careful look at how deteriorative our society has become and endeavor to be agents of change wherever we find ourselves.

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