Marriage is a beautiful thing and it grants you access to a lifetime companionship. However, when marriage turns you into a bitter person who forsakes forgiveness, take a break. Marriage is for two people who can easily forgive each other.

Again, when marriage transforms you into a boxer or a wrestler whether male or female, take a break. Marriage is for two people who can discuss issues without entering a boxing ring to showcase one’s strength.

When marriage makes you engage in other vices you picked up all in the name of making yourself happy, take a reality check. Have a life even in marriage and cherish yourself. It is good to be married but it is better to live because any form of toxic marriage will strangle you to death.

“Love your neighbour as yourself.”

“And the two shall become one.” It is a process. Don’t help your partner kill you before you become one. If you are a man or a woman in an abusive relationship, take a reality check and agree to live. Stop the thousand daily sighs.


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