The Foundation

Belinda Bansah

We want to impart others without self development. As Christians, we want to be wealthy without seeking the kingdom first. We want to function in great wisdom while we totally ignore the fear of the Lord. How is that? Life works on principles and unless you get the formula right, you cannot function rightly.

Every moment and what it requires of us to do. But also, these activities of life have an order we need to follow. A Mason does not start building a house from the wall. He DIGS first to lay a foundation. And so in life, there are things we need to do first in order to get certain results but we start working on the results rather first which brings a lot of struggle.

For instance, we do seek wealth rather than God’s kingdom. Meanwhile the word says we should first seek the Kingdom so that all other things shall be added. Proverbs 8:10, “Receive my instruction, and not silver, And knowledge rather than choice gold”. The subject in proverbs is wisdom. And we first need wisdom which translates into the fear of God. And this, we have totally put aside.

Let’s reconsider how we act out our lives. Lay the foundations and to attain results, there won’t be any struggle.

May God show us to lay our foundations right. Amen.

Belinda Bansah.

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