Belinda Bansah

I fasted and prayed about an issue for a week and few days. All my hope and trust was in God as the Good Book tells as to do. I felt in my spirit that I was going to see what I’ve been praying about only to get disappointed.

And that was the moment I felt God has put me to shame meanwhile, He said He will never put us to shame. “So what then did he do?” I cried day and night. I lost weight. Then the thought of leaving anyhow set in. I felt people who arn’t committed to God even gets life easier. So why can’t He put things in order for me?

We all in one way or the other have gotten to this point before. But the point is, His ways are not our ways. He knows what He wants to do. Never run out of hope and trust. It takes a lot more of endurance to be in Christ. That’s the journey. Don’t get weary. For he said in His own time, He will make all things beautiful. So don’t let the present drain you.

May we be strengthened. AMEN

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