The issue you couldn’t let go of and still thinks about, have you realised that it makes you dejected while the other may have totally forgotten about it?

Unforgiveness and bitterness drains your body, spirit and soul. Physically, it brings about increased anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure, vascular resistance, decreased immune response and the likes. Unforgiveness is that which eats deep down into your marrows. Stop doing that to yourself and let go. It’s sometimes difficult but do it. You can’t afford to loose your present peace over the past.

Unforgiveness can make you miss receiving from God. Have you thought about the fact that Christ died for us when we were yet sinners? Think about that again… Is that offense bigger than what Christ did for us? You need to (for) “give” in order to receive.

Unforgiveness questions your stand in Christ. Our basic root is to demonstrate love. You can’t demonstrate love without forgiveness. Open up for the Holy Spirit to help you.

But first learn to forgive yourself. The regrets are bound to come but be resourceful and see the good in every bad. Totally ignore the bad you did to yourself and rather see how it improved you. Begin to extend this very thought to others who may have hurt you. Find your good in their bad. You will bare with me that we come out of every bad thing stronger. May we come out every situation stronger and not weaker and may the peace of God brood over our minds and hearts. Amen

Belinda Bansah.

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