To Be A Good Soldier

To Be A Good Soldier

Once in a while, we sit to assess ourselves of how much of our plans we have executed, how well we’ve been on track and even make some changes or adaptations. Well, to be a good soldier in whatever you do, remind yourself of these.

A good soldier eats for strength and not for pleasure. So in everything you do in persuance of your purpose or plan, make sure it counts. You must then subtract that which looks vain.

You must also remind yourself that a good soldier on his battlefield is very strategic. You don’t just take actions, you target, you calculate before you execute. Find the best strategy in whatever you do to achieve the maximum best. If it’s prayer, find the best time. Not to do it anytime or when you get time. Set it, not when it comes by.

Also, a good soldier doesn’t sleep during battles. You must stay alert. Be vigilant. Take note of every detail. By so doing, nothing takes you by surprise. Remember, a little sleep and a little slumber…

Be ready to endure and know that results don’t happen by chance. You can’t be idle and expert results. Nobody will experience change when they love inactivity or idleness. So push until you see results. II Timothy 2:5, And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not be crowned unless he competes according to the rules.

May we be granted the finishing grace. Amen.

Belinda Bansah,

Credit;Apostle Edmund Frimpong.

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