My Virtual Quarantine


I shivered when I was told not to move for sometime.
I wondered how it was going to be without the use of my legs.

A voluntary cool off was better off than a command.
An obligatory solitary confinement was not part of the bargain.

The vacuum, the monotony, the obvious reality of being immobile made my intestines churn into pieces before my gaze.

A lot clouded my mind and I almost lost it. They said it was for our good so there was nothing I could do about that. Oh yes, absolutely nothing.

I obliged and that was how it all started.

My virtual quarantine
So out of use
Unrealiable and decrepit.
But you see it connects me to the world. It gives me hope.

At least it cushions me with people in my seat. The limitations are imminent yet its power is soothing.
Very available

Sunrise, midday, sunset
All day and everyday.
And oh, my virtual quarantine is still a sleek simple device.


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